Our reputation for excellence in quality, service and innovation, is very important to us. We exist in a strong position today as a British food business that can be trusted. We don’t just say “Trusted Delivery”, we live and breathe it through every link of our supply chain.

Explore the faccenda foods supply chain


Parent stock
Specialist breeders supply us with day-old chickens and turkeys. We buy the Ross 308 breed of chickens and our turkey breeds include the Hybrid Grade Makers, Aviagen Premium and a range of slow growing black feathered Bronze birds for our organic and free-range products.
Egg production
We produce over two million chicken eggs and 100,000 turkey eggs per week on our purpose built breeder farms. The laying hens are free to roam the sheds and explore the sloped perches and open nesting boxes.
Arable farming
Our sister company Faccenda Farms produces approximately 4,500 tonnes of wheat, 1,000 tonnes of barley and 1,000 tonnes of oilseed rape for our feed mills.
Feed & raw material
The wheat, barley and oil seed rape we buy is UK grown, with 40% of it bought direct from local farms. We purchase in excess of 200,000 tonnes of wheat and 100,000 tonnes of soya per annum, the main raw materials in our feed.
Feed supply
We own and operate two feed mills at Banbury and Westbury, producing over 400,000 tonnes of poultry feed per year. This meets approximately 90% of our chicken and turkey feed needs. We buy in 50,000 tonnes of finished turkey feed per annum to feed those farms that are logistically out of reach of our two own mills.
Vet & nutritional supply
Poultry vets oversee bird health and welfare. They create and frequently review flock health plans at each farm. Our nutritionist ensures birds have the right diets for good body condition.
We own and operate four separate Red Tractor compliant and audited hatcheries. Located in Ower, Quainton, Rayne and Dalton, together they produce 2.2 million chicks each week. 
Each bird is raised in a large, open, climate-controlled shed. Birds are free to roam the entire floor space and our expert, well-trained farmers ensure the birds are kept healthy and comfortable at all times. We operate or partner around 150 Red Tractor standard rearing farms across the UK.


Live bird transport
We have a 40 strong Live Haul logistics fleet and our own specially trained and accredited Catching and Live Haul teams. We are proud of our excellent record on animal welfare with many of our procedures in excess of the current legislative standards.
Primary production
Our primary processing sites in Brackley and Scropton have class-leading operational efficiencies of 90-95%, which is one reason why, in 2014, we were awarded Poultry Producer of the Year in the Pig & Poultry Awards.
IQF (Individual Quick Freeze) and blast freezing techniques are used to extend the quality and shelf life of our products. Our Telford factory freezes 400 tonnes per week and during the Christmas period, we supply 1,200 tonnes of frozen turkey to our customers.
Portion & pack
We have processing and portioning plants at Telford and Abergavenny. Telford is home to the most advanced poultry production facility in Europe, where robots can pack up to 600 fillets a minute while minimising human contact.
Product development
Our ICE (Immerse, Create and Engage) process allows us to spend a lot of time gathering insight into consumer needs. It’s through ICE that we develop and improve our award-winning products such as Simply Roast in a Bag, maintaining demand and profitability.
Added value
Our product development team works with machinery, ingredient and packaging suppliers to design and create many exciting convenience products each year. All of our suppliers are British Retail Consortium approved so that we are not only adding value for our retail customers and their consumers, but also earning and assuring their trust.


We supply three of the four major UK retailers throughout the year. Our reputation for trusted delivery spans our retail product areas: whole birds, portions, added value, rotisserie and seasonal.
We have long term relationships with many renowned restaurants, having supplied them throughout their sustained periods of growth. Our products can be enjoyed in some of the best-loved restaurant chains in the UK.
As a British Retail Consortium accredited supplier we work with trusted partners, such as cooked meat and ready meal manufacturers, to find successful product solutions that meet their technical and commercial needs.
We supply a wide range of fresh and frozen products to wholesalers, butchers, cash and carry businesses, hotels and food trade markets such as Smithfield in London and Birmingham Markets.
We distribute our product globally from wings and drumsticks to the Caribbean to thighs and legs to South Africa.